For any emergency concerning the Public works,
please contact our security (24/7)




Dean Arsenault, truck driver and foreman



Maxime Beauchamp,
Truck driver

Cédric Irmer Longtin,
Truck driver


Henri Grenier,
Truck driver


Patrice Bissonnette,
Truck driver



If you notice the presence of a pothole on a City road, a burnt-out or defective street light, a frozen culvert or other problems affecting road maintenance, we would appreciate that you contact us so that our team can resolve the situation quickly.

Furthermore, note that we are trying to do the work of street sweeping in the spring as soon as possible.

For snow removal operations, we remind you that it is prohibited to push or blow snow on public roads. To facilitate and accelerate this particular work, we would appreciate that you inform your snow-remover.

Buying sand

Ville d'Estérel offers the sale of sand for de-icing at a cost of $70 a bucket. Arrangements are made at Hôtel de Ville during business hours. Employees are available to help fill your truck.

Note that this service is available only to residents of Estérel and/or their maintenance employees.


Landscaping of parks and playgrounds

In the summer of 2008, Ville d'Estérel joined the program of horticultural classification of Cities in Québec,
a classification that recognizes efforts to beautify and landscape the land surrounding the city.
We obtained 4 Fleurons in 2020!
Next Goal: 5 of 5 Fleurons!